At the Middlebury Institute, we prepare the next generation of global changemakers for meaningful careers. Our practical, professional graduate degree programs are led by world-class faculty who teach the skills that drive positive change in the world.

We deliver the Middlebury hallmarks of small classes, individual attention, personalized and coordinated career and academic counseling, and connections with the world’s leading organizations. Our Middlebury master’s degrees are excellent preparation for rewarding careers in international security, human rights and social change, sustainable development, trade, education, translation, interpretation, and language and technology.

Middlebury alumni and extended family are guaranteed $10,000 Legacy Scholarships,  including alumni spouses, siblings, parents, children and stepchildren, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews.

Participants in Middlebury nondegree programs are guaranteed $5,000 scholarships.


Why Study at the Middlebury Institute?

Advance Your Career

Your career and academic advising are integrated, so your courses will align with your career goals.

Gain Professional Experience

Be fully immersed in the field through real-world class projects, internships, and professional practica.

Build Global Proficiency

Take content courses in intercultural competence and a second language, expanding your career opportunities.

Learn Real Solutions for Today’s Real Challenges

Our Pedagogy: Actively Learning Together

Your Professors: Professionals with Industry Experience