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How AI and Deepfakes Will Amplify Terrorist Propaganda

Thursday, February 20, Noon Pacific Time

Artificial Intelligence (AI) develops much faster than policy and law enforcement can manage, and so revolutions in this technology often open the door to weaponization and abuse. The Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism (CTEC) is investigating one such revolution—“Deepfakes for text” or neural language models designed specifically for language generation—in order to better understand its implications in the hands of nonstate, nefarious actors. CTEC has discovered and measured the potential for the industrial-scale production of extremist propaganda, and the findings emphasize the need for new, more flexible policy along with improved norms around AI research and use. Kris McGuffie, deputy director of CTEC, and Alex Newhouse, digital research lead at CTEC, will lead this discussion.

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