By letting us know more about yourself and your plans for graduate studies we will be able to better help you realize your goals and send you relevant information.

Language of Study

Language requirements and opportunities to study another language vary by program. For now, just let us know which language you are interested in and you can always update this decision as you explore your program. Learn more about language at the Middlebury Institute.

Anticipated Start Term

Some programs have both a fall and spring intake, other programs only have a fall intake. Please visit your the curriculum webpage for your program of interest to see your options.

Why Study at the Middlebury Institute?

Advance Your Career

Your career and academic advising are integrated, so your courses will align with your career goals.

Gain Professional Experience

Be fully immersed in the field through real-world class projects, internships, and professional practica.

Build Global Proficiency

Take content courses in intercultural competence and a second language, expanding your career opportunities.

Learn Real Solutions for Today’s Global Challenges

The Institute Pedagogy: Actively Learning Together

“Our students are drawn here because of our mission, because they are looking to engage with the world and solve problems. So it’s exciting—it’s exciting because I feel like I, too, am being pressed regularly to figure out what to do, and how to approach these big problems of the world.” – Professor Lyuba Zarsky (faculty)

Inspired Learning in an Inspiring Location

“We’re close to Silicon Valley, we’re close to San Francisco. There are so many things that we can access from here. Both on the personal and the professional side, that makes it, to me, perfectly situated.” – (student)