Launch your career in environmental policy


  • Study natural science, social science, and data analysis as you learn to address today’s critical environmental issues.
  • Benefit from access to our Center for the Blue Economy and proximity to the more than 150 environmental organizations.
  • Specialize in natural resource and policy management, ocean and coastal resource management, intercultural competence, or sustainability management.
  • Expand your career opportunities through this STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) designated master’s program.

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Environmental Sustainability

Our Master of Arts (MA) in International Environmental Policy is one of the top graduate programs for sustainability. We prepare you for a rewarding career tackling the world’s most pressing environmental problems. This four-semester, 60-credit degree is for people who want to actively build the sustainable societies that the world so desperately needs.

Learn to design and implement sustainable solutions in fields as wide-ranging as conservation, sustainability management, ocean and coastal resource management, and climate policy.

In addition to working closely with professors on real-world consulting projects and research papers, you will engage with today’s most influential environmental leaders through our Sustainability Speaker Series.

Environmental Science Meets Policy

The core classes of your master’s degree program will provide a base of natural science literacy, along with an emphasis on interdisciplinary social science—economics, law, policy, psychology, communication, and data analysis.

We don’t simply study problems but address them, paying particular attention to behavioral design, effective advocacy, and social justice concerns.

You will develop an understanding of the applied science that underlies effective natural resource management, conservation, risk assessment, and decision making in a changing world. As you specialize, you will have opportunities to deepen your understanding in areas like climate science and marine science.

Why Study at the Middlebury Institute?

Advance Your Career

Your career and academic advising are integrated, so your courses will align with your career goals.

Gain Professional Experience

Be fully immersed in the field through real-world class projects, internships, and a professional practicum.

Build Global Proficiency

Take content courses in intercultural competence and a second language, expanding your career opportunities.

Learn Real Solutions for Today’s Environmental Challenges

Focused on Today’s Environmental Sustainability Issues

“We’re really creating the cutting-edge agenda setters for policy in the world on a range of sustainability initiatives.” – Professor Jason Scorse (program chair)

Professional Experience Before You Graduate

“The International Environmental Policy program had a really good intersect of science and policy” – Melis Ökter (alumna)